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Wassily Kandinsky?was an influential Russian painter and art theorist. He is credited with painting one of the first purely?abstract?works. Expressionism
Expressionism was a modernist movement, its typical trait is to present the world solely from a subjective perspective, distorting it radically for emotional effect in order to evoke moods or ideas. Expressionist artists sought to express the meaning of emotional experience rather than physical reality. Major works and painting style.
Kandinsky's creation of abstract work followed a long period of development and maturation of intense thought based on his artistic experiences. He called this devotion to?inner beauty, fervor of spirit, and spiritual desire inner necessity; it was a central aspect of his art. Street in Murnau, A Village Street                                Improvisation 27 Squares with Concentric Circles                                     Composition?VII Evaluation of Wassily Kandinsky?
Kandinsky's analyses on forms and colours result not from simple, arbitrary idea-associations but from the painter's inner experience.

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