Plum Blossoms (4) by Artinway Studio Stretch Canvas Wall Art Home Porch Decor Artinway


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Artinway Studio is a professional creative arts team associated with We are highly motivated by the belief that the genuine fine art is the combination of cultural connotation and beauty, which gives audience both philosophical thinking and aesthetical enjoyment.
Though located in China, our teammates come from different cultural and educational background, our art pieces are inspired by our study abroad experiences and attempt to reflect the perspectives of cultural collision. By devoting our talents, hard work, and persistence to each pieces, we find ourselves not only pursuing a fusion of western art and traditional Chinese culture, but also creating a brand-new, reincarnated modern art.
●Original artwork created by Artinway Studio Artist
●Limited prints of 299 sets with signature on the front
●Certificate of authenticity included
●Blossoming Plum by Wang Mian and background by Vermeer's work
●Put the Plum-Blossom into the wall of Vermeer's work
●Inspired by Chinese literati paintings
●The plum-blossom inspired by Wang Mian
●He was a Chinese painter of plums during the Yuan Dynasty
●He developed his own distinct style of painting plum blossoms that was very bold and vigorous
●A few of his plum paintings have survived
●Most of his work are now in the collections of the National Palace Museum in Taipei and Shanghai Museum
●The background of the painting inspired by Vermeer
●The canon of Vermeer's paintings is small
●His talent for portraying domestic scenes is breathtaking
●His attention to realistic detail proves how slowly and carefully he worked
●The light cast through the window in this painting exemplifies Vermeer's much regarded masterful portrayal of light

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